Frequently Asked Questions

How much is your service?
Our rates start at $55.00 a month. We bill every 4 weeks, and will be at your pool every week during that month. When you think about how much time it would take you to clean your swimming pool, get chemicals, accurately distribute them in your pool and store the chemicals, this is a real bargain!

Does my pool need to be serviced every week?
Absolutely! Your pool needs weekly service to maintain a healthy chemical balance so that you are able to swim without worrying about harmful bacteria. Having a professional pool service man who knows his job can dramatically cut down on any illnesses that can be transmitted via your pool. We are the professionals!!

Do you service my pool on the same day of the week, every week?
Yes, we establish a daily route which which we follow weekly. Only on rare occasions such as a pool service man being sick is there any chance that your pool will be changed.

Will the same person service my pool from week to week?
Yes! Again, in rare emergency situations a different service representative might fill in for your regular pool man, however, it will be for a brief amount of time.

Will I be surprised every time I get a bill and see that there are a lot of charges that I didn’t authorize?
NO, NO, NO!! We will never do anything that costs you money without your approval. There are only 3 times we charge you for anything extra and we let you know in advance. They are the annual summerization of your pool or spa which we do in May which includes conditioning your pool and adding algaecide. We also clean your filter 2 times a year. If you have a salt pool we clean the salt cell 2 or 3 times a year.

What about pets?
Fortunately all of us at South County Pools are pet lovers with pets of our own. We understand the love and care that is part of being a pet owner, therefore we are very cautious about not upsetting your pet and more importantly, making sure the GATE IS CLOSED.

Are any of your employees going to smoke in my backyard?
NO!!! All employees have been told they are not to smoke on our clients property.

Will there be a mess after a filter clean?
NO!!! Your pool man will make sure that all DE from your filter will be sprayed off and cleaned. We will leave your backyard exactly as we found it.

What is your policy regarding Holidays?
If your regularly scheduled service day falls on a major holiday, we will provide chemical – only service on the day before or after the holiday, regardless of your service level. This is to insure that your pool stays properly chemed while minimizing any interruptions to you. Major Holidays are Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and day after, Christmas Day and New Years Day. (We typically take the week between Christmas and New Years off)

What about vacations?
We will take two separate one-week vacations during the year, but never during the critical summer months. We will make sure that your pool is properly balanced and chemicals will last during the time we take off. We will leave a door hanger informing you one week prior to our vacation time. As stated above, one of the vacations will be the week between Christmas and New Years.

Do you add water to my pool?
We actually prefer not to put water in your pool. The reasons are two fold. First, our insurance will not cover flooding due to filling a pool. Second, filling your pool is very time consuming and would be a big expense to you should we have to stay. We do appreciate the homeowners participation in adding water.

How often should my pool filter be cleaned?
Your pool filter should be cleaned at least twice a year. Some pools require more attention due to extra debris or or algae which clogs the pores of the grids inside the filter. Your pool generally runs better and stays cleaner if your filter is efficient.

My lawn man makes a mess of my pool, can you help me with this situation?
We are aware that this can be upsetting to a homeowner. We work closely with customers to get on a schedule after your lawn maintenance company comes. Unfortunately, we can not always promise that if the lawn company does not stick to the schedule, we will always be able to follow them.

I’m having a party this weekend, will you be charging me extra?
If we are aware of a party in advance, we can switch your day to a closer day without charge. We always want your pool looking good for friends and family, so we do provide extra cleaning if needed. Note: These are billable cleanings.

How long should I run my swimming pool filtration system?
• Summer months: 6 – 8 hours per day
• Winter months: 4 hours per day

What should I do if my pools pump or filter is making strange noises?
Always turn the system off at the breaker (not the time clock), and contact a pool technician asap.

How long should I wait to swim after the pool has been shocked with chlorine?
Generally you should wait 24 hours.

Why is my pool cloudy?
A pool can be cloudy for a number of reasons. Bad water chemistry or a dirty filter would be the first two things to look at. We use a reliable quality test kit to check for chemical balance. We can also spray down your cartridge filter or disassemble your DE (Diatomaceous Earth) filter and spray down.

Why are the walls of my pool green?
There are several reasons for this. First is a dirty filter. Second, chemicals are not balanced properly, third your pools phosphate level is very high thus burning chlorine and inviting algae. Fourth, your conditioner level is low and allowing the sun to burn off the chlorine at a rapid rate. Please contact us and we will have your pool clearly blue in no time!

What is the white ring that goes around the perimeter of my pool on the tile and on my spillways?
The white crusty substance on your tile is calcium deposits. We live in an area of the country where the water is very hard, thus calcium runs rampant. We can get rid of the calcium, however it is a detailed process that take many hours, however, it can be done without emptying the pool. Ask us about our tile cleaning services.

What areas do you service?
San Clemente, San Juan Capistrano, Dana Point, Laguna Niguel, Mission Viejo, Laguna Hills, Aliso Viejo, Lake Forest, Rancho Santa Margarita, Coto De Caza, Dove Canyon and some of Trabuco Canyon.

(949) 728-8893